Central Shard (dragon shard)

Cities, towns, and villages.

The dragon shard is roughly 100 miles across having only one small city, a couple villages, and several hamlets or small towns.

- IO (the frozen city)
- The Peoples Streams
- Shekur
h3. Other Places of Note
- The Hatchery


dragons, spellscales, dragon descended, draconians, dragonborn, gnomes, and kobolds.


forest landwyrms, ambush drakes, faerie dragons, psuedodragons, wyvern, small rodents, some dire animals, sprites, regular animals most with a draconic twist, feral druids, draconic centaurs(upper torso of an elf with the body of a dragonnel), earth elementals,

Modes of Transportation

Starting out players will be on foot and will gain access to land based transport fairly soon. Once some accomplishments have been made they may gain access to air transport.


basic carts and buggies pulled by ambush drakes. Rid-able ambush drakes.


ambush drake pulled air cart(looks like a massive Raptorian Cargo kite except that its made for people not stuff), Wyvern air cart.

Central Shard (dragon shard)

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