The Hatchery

Starting area

after crossing through the crack in the wall of the inn you are trans ported to the outside of an old guard house. inside can be found a weapons rack with old dusty regular weapons. an obvoious path leads to an abandoned keep.

Approaching you notice the ruins of a long forgotten keep built into the base of high cliffs. While not very big this structure is highly fortified with walls several paces thick surrounding the keep and what appears to be a large very odd shaped hole in the cliff face not far above ground level.


upon inspection (dc10) the hole has draconic runes around it and leads to a deep cavern.
dc15- the hole appears to be the perfect shape for a dragon to enter and appears to be made via magical means.
speaks draconic- the runes label this the sanctuary of the young.
delving. the cavern is indeed one large cavern with multiple dragon nest sites. there is a large tunnel spiraling up to the surface where a look out and perch are set into the top of the cliff face. it is impossible to see from the out side.

initially the cavern is occupied by a wyvern and a clutch of eggs.


The keeps secondary walls are in ruins as well as the main entrance into the foyer. downstairs there is what appears to be a strange tack(saddles and what not) room, a dining room that could fit up to 20 comfortably and double that in a pinch, a bath, a medium kitchen, several unknown rooms one with a trap door(dc15) that leads to a small room below contains some old dusty tomes of knowlegde with a dc 10 you find what appears to be a record of hatchings as well as wyvern and ambush drake genetic lines, you also glean from the book that this was a way-point of travel and a place that raised wyvern and ambush drakes for use in a air transport network and as mounts. with a dc 17 an escape tunnel is found that leads in two directions. one is about a quarter mile out side the keep. the other is a tunnel to the cavern.


found mostly intact is a chapel guarded by an ambush drake(natural colors) and a guard drake(dark blue). with they’er successful defeat a number of eggs are found equal to the number of party members +5. these eggs can be nurtured and raised as mounts.
with a religion check dc10 it is found to be a chapel of the platinum dragon. dc17 it is not in fact a chapel devoted to bahamut but to his father IO who he and his sister split from. it is curious that there would be a temple to a god long known to be dead and gone even in this strange place.

The keep is empty except for a couple of guard drakes guarding the chapel.
upon leaving a barely discernible map is carved into the stone wall by the door. the only place with a legible name is The Peoples Streams.

The Hatchery

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